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Minuba A/S

Minuba A/S

Focused efforts on selected trade fairs

Brief overview of the assignment:

Minuba participates in small local trade fairs and conferences in Scandinavian and Dutch markets. Trade fair participation is an important part of Minuba's sales strategy and they consequently have chosen to focus some efforts on several larger trade fairs having tradesmen as their target audience. For the first round, the following trade fairs have been selected: Kloak 2020, Byggeri 2020, EL & Teknik 2021 and VVS 2021.

Exhicom Expo Competence has previously delivered a ”light concept”, which Minuba manages itself for smaller trade fair stands and conferences. In connection with this new initiative, the assignment is to design a new trade fair concept for larger stand areas with a proposal for the layout, communications and graphical design. A flexible concept is desired, which can be adapted to different stand sizes and having the possibility to replace and target clear messages to different professional trades.

The assignment involves a turnkey delivery of stand solutions for all the trade fairs in 2020/2021 and encompasses the stand design, graphical design of wall hangings and communications, project management, production of new equipment, installation on-site, logistics and storage of equipment..

Brief overview of Minuba:

Minuba develop software systems for tradesmen and the service industry, selling these solutions in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Greenland and the Faroes and they have established a company in the Netherlands.


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18 May 2020