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Haarslev Industries A/S

Haarslev Industries A/S

Exciting solution profiling Haarslev Industries on the North American continent

Brief overview of the assignment:

Haarslev Industries participates in 15 to 20 different trade fairs annually around the entire globe. The yearly IPPE trade fair in Atlanta, GA, comprises the most important event for Haarslev Industries on the North American continent.

Our assignment was to design and deliver a new standard concept, where the customer has sought a characteristic expression and clear profile that would mark and support the Haarslev Industries brand as one of the foremost in the world in its field. The layout was formulated with a simple and stylistically uncluttered design and features effective communication spots in an open environment.

The US has special rules for trade fairs and in this context we are also able to offer the requisite experience and expertise needed to carry out a project without the typical problems. The assignment, basically, is a turnkey delivery including project management featuring the processing of orders and approvals on-site at the trade fair as well as the customs formalities and logistics.

The entire project has been particularly motivating and contributed to strengthening our position as an international supplier of turnkey deliveries for trade fairs and events.

Brief overview of Haarslev Industries:

Haarslev Industries is an international corporation headquartered in Hårslev on Funen, Denmark, employing around 1300 people in total. For over a century, Haarslev Industries has produced machines to transform organic waste into valuable proteins and other products for foodstuffs and fodder.

Brief overview of the trade fair:

The IPPE (International Production & Processing Expo) is the world's largest event in the poultry, meat and fodder industry. The IPPE is an annual recurring event and attracts a broad spectrum of international decision-makers who participate in order to both network as well as gain knowledge of latest technological developments and challenges currently facing the industry..


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18 May 2020